You probably thought that you knew everything you needed to know about Queen of the Mammaries, Katie Price, and her antipodean partner in tanning, Peter Andre. Well, you’re right. What else is there to know about these two? Not a lot.

This is a couple that have sold every aspect of their lives to the media, from Pete’s potassium fits following an overdose on bananas, to Katie’s discarded pregnancy tests (yes, really. She did one during an OK interview). So why should you bother to watch the ‘next chapter’ of their reality show, when you could spend your time doing something far more productive, like rinsing dishcloths?

Because. It’s. Brilliant.

In this series, Katie and Peter have moved to the USA. He wants to work on his music. She wants to annoy Posh Spice by muscling in on her patch. Nobody in the States appears to know who the couple are. This just spurs them on. Katie strains and pouts so hard that she is in danger of doing herself permanent damage. Pete spends frantic hours in the studio, trying to convince somebody, anybody, to take his music seriously. He’s come a long way since Insania. No really, he HAS.

They squabble. They squander money. They continuously try to get more attention than the other. If you hid a camera in a crèche you’d end up with very similar footage. It’s all quite hideous, but still relentlessly entertaining to watch two adults with a small sprinkling of passable talent, try to keep the public interested in them by constantly upping the ante.

Katie and Peter’s one redeeming feature is their children, whom are all very camera savvy but nevertheless, incredibly sweet to watch. It’s also fun to observe that they seem considerably more mature than their parents.

Katie and Peter: Stateside, ITV2, Thursdays at 9pm