The atmospheric darkness of the Old Police Cells Museum will be adding an authentic edge to this tale of a campaigner imprisoned for fighting for women’s rights.

Nourish, by Brighton-based writer Claire Burlington, tells the story of Sylvia Pankhurst, the daughter of the famous suffragette leader Emmeline, who was jailed for three months in 1913.

“Everyone knows about Emmeline Pankhurst, but Sylvia is often missed out,” says playwright Ed Harris, who is making his directorial debut with this play.

“It could be because she threw her net further than just getting the vote for women. She was about equality for everybody. She was apparently too left-wing for Lenin. They were in correspondence but she thought he was a bit weak on a few points.”

Nourish stars Claire and Lora Davies, playing prisoner and warder, over a period of weeks during Sylvia’s imprisonment. “It is about how they influence each other in the course of Sylvia’s imprisonment,” says Ed.

The play also picks up on the brutal side of prison in the early 1900s when Sylvia decided to go on hunger, thirst and sleep strike.

“After a specific number of days the authorities would just send people in to force-feed hunger strikers,” says Ed.

“I think Sylvia is quite an inspiring figure. Her imprisonment, force-feeding and torture resonate with events happening in the news recently, about how prisoners are treated around the world.”

  • 7.30pm, £8/£6, 01273 709709