Heather Mills has announced the name of the new restaurant she hopes to franchise around the world.

The Argus can exclusively reveal that Ms Mills’ latest venture called V-Bites will open at Hove Lagoon in July.

Work is well underway at the former The Big Fish cafe and Ms Mills is also planning a number of additional features at the site, including an ice rink in the winter.

Ms Mills also revealed a sneak preview of some of the decor and menus that visitors can expect to see at the vegan restaurant.

She said: “It’s for everybody. It will be very family orientated during the day but it will be for all ages. My grandmother lived here for 38 years so I really want it to be somewhere elderly people can go as well.

“It is going to be really funky, with nice music and ambience and good staff.”

Ms Mills said that each room would have a different feel to it, with one turned into a family creche area where children can play with interactive screens which will teach them about different fruits and vegetables and a dining area which will serve a daily selection of vegan dishes from around the world.

Ms Mills bought The Big Fish cafe for £140,000.

She said: “I have wanted to take over this place for many years. It needed a whole revamp.

“It has been made into a very hip 21st century place.”

Ms Mills said the menu will be affordable and visitors to the nearby park will also be able to buy vegan burgers from a serving hatch.

She said: “I think the food is really going to surprise everyone. Most people’s diet is 70% vegan anyway, as they eat rice, pasta and bread, but they just don’t associate the two.

“What is going to shock people most is the meat replacements. I have been working on them for seven years and they have a real meat taste.”

The restaurant will open from 9am until midnight seven days a week.

Ms Mills added that she plans to franchise the company worldwide.

She said: “We are not going to change the world with just one restaurant.

“What many people don’t realise is that the biggest contribution to global warming is the production of meat and dairy.

“I am not telling people to stop eating meat and dairy altogether. I’m just saying come and try it one day a week, have a nice meal and do your bit for the environment.”

Ms Mills is setting up a Twitter account from Friday which will include restaurant updates. To follow her visit www.twitter.com/heatherofficial See The Magazine in Saturday’s Argus for a recipe for Heather Mills’ Leafy Green and Beefy (Soy protein) Stir Fry.