Across Brighton, and across Britain, independent corner shop newsagents have been disappearing for years. So it is especially heartening to report that one Kemp Town retailer has just expanded his operations by opening a second outlet.

Guy Wright, who runs The Kiosk on Eastern Road, opened a new shop on Sunday at the marina. News Buoy is the first newsagent to offer home delivery to the 800 homes at the marina.

“My main business is with Hotel Seattle and the David Lloyd Centre,” said Guy. “But I’m expecting casual sales and home deliveries to take off.”

If my visit is anything to go by, then that will surely be the case. Two couples made inquiries during my visit just a couple of hours after Guy opened News Buoy’s doors for the first time.

The shop will be run by Guy’s 22-year-old daughter, Danielle, who has forsaken her cabin crew job with Easyjet to become what I believe to be Britain’s youngest newsagent.

As with Guy’s other business, it is a fully-fledged convenience store, offering fresh bread, milk, confectionery and even a dry-cleaning service.

But this good-news-for-newspapers story did not happen by chance. When Guy, a former British American Tobacco rep, took over The Kiosk 18 months ago it looked as if the business was doomed.

It has been going downhill for years, with dwindling customers and declining sales. In the months before Guy moved in, service was hit and miss, as I can testify, because my deliveries were often disrupted.

The shop has been delivering papers to my home for the past 37 years (nine titles a day, since you ask), so I was very concerned about its future.

It had always been a strange little place, no bigger than the average bathroom, rather dark and dingy. I was sure it was going to close.

When Guy arrived I was sceptical. His apparent lack of knowledge about the newspaper trade and early problems in organising deliveries suggested that his ownership would be the final nail in the coffin.

In fact, within a couple of months he had given the place a facelift, firstly by allowing in sunlight through a new window and then brightening up the shop itself.

He also introduced new services and ensured that his core customers were serviced properly through a more efficient home delivery system across Kemp Town. His routes stretch from Roedean and Marine Gate in the east to Church Place on the west.

Computer-billing, a method of online payment and email communication have dragged the business into the 21st century. There is also a website.

It was the success of that business that emboldened Guy to venture into the marina, a place dominated by the Asda supermarket. Can he really hope to thrive in the shadow of such a giant retailer?

“I’ve been delivering copies to the hotel here for some time and talking to residents as well. They kept telling me that it was time-consuming to shop at Asda for their paper, or just a couple of items.

“So I was sure that I could offer people a necessary service built on the back of an increasing commitment to the hotel and the David Lloyd centre.”

(As with other supermarket chains, Asda does not offer newspaper home deliveries).

As for Danielle, she says: “I’m just looking forward to the challenge. At least, with this job, I have my feet on the ground.”

If you want more information about home deliveries from either The Kiosk or News Buoy call 01273-607560.