Two mothers have created a cheeky adults-only version of the hit game Guess Who?

Instead of eliminating characters by asking questions about their hair or eye colour, Who’s Naked?

deals with more sensitive parts of the anatomy.

The game was dreamt up by Roma Biltcliffe, 41, from Eastbourne, and Donna O’Brien, 39, from Seaford, who went into business together after being friends for more than 20 years.

Roma said: “I was looking for something to do and was playing the original Guess Who? game with my children. It’s not the most exciting game and, to make myself giggle, I imagined all the characters naked.

“Because it made me laugh, I thought it would be a great idea for a new game.”

Together the women worked out the rules and how it would look.

They asked Brighton artist Katie Mac to illustrate the characters and Trivista, a company based at the Sussex Innovation Centre in Falmer, to manufacture the game.

They showed it to international retail chain Urban Outfitters, which was so impressed it agreed to stock it in outlets across the UK and in Europe.

Donna said: “We were delighted because it has got stores in some of the best locations, such as Covent Garden and Oxford Circus in London.”

Who’s Naked? is also being stocked by adult shop Lust in North Laine, Brighton, and can be bought online.

Both women have three children, whose opinions on their new venture range from “hilarious” to “a bit embarrassing”.

They have already brought out adult versions of popular card games, such as snap and pairs, and are working on developing new board games.

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