I was sorry to read that Stephanie Bayley’s children were upset by abuse shouted at them during a demonstration at Hove Greyhound Stadium (Letters, June 12).

I have attended the demonstration occasionally and found the majority of protesters, including myself, are there to give out leaflets rather than frighten people. Yes, the stadium is one of the less dangerous tracks and it does promote a retirement rehoming scheme, but Mrs Bayley should be aware that thousands of greyhounds are bred for racing every year and of those that don’t make it into racing, or those whose racing days are over, only a small number are lucky enough to find good homes.

Some end up in rescue centres, while some are exported to Spain to continue racing and some are dumped either dead or in a very sad condition, with their ears cut off to get rid of identifying tattoos.

A couple of years ago, a national newspaper exposed how a man was paid £10 each to shoot unwanted racing dogs.

In the past few weeks, four dogs have died at Manchester’s Belle Vue stadium from injuries, and this has also happened at many other tracks.

Also recently, a kennel hand for one of the top trainers exposed the appalling conditions the dogs live in.

This is why I will continue to peacefully protest.

Sue Baumgardt

Stoneham Road