I have been to a few weddings over the years. Some fill you with dread for the future of the couple and some, an overwhelming warmth, knowing that the two people that you have just watched declare the rest of their lives to each other, are more in love than you could have ever imagined.

Before I tell you about what truly was the most beautiful and perfect wedding that I have ever been to and get all soppy, I will just tell you about two weddings that I was lucky enough to witness.

One wedding had the reception in local pub on the outskirts of Brighton. The bride stood at the bar, proud as punch, in her lovely white dress, staring adoringly at her new husband, cigarette in one hand, pint in the other and at least 6 months pregnant.

Another wedding that I attended saw the bride get so drunk that she threw herself onto the bonnet of the car of a leaving guest, in an attempt to make them stay. I have to say, that she was having a great time, even if this isn't exactly the kind of behaviour that you would expect from a bride.

This weekend, I watched my pals Kate and Paice get married and I had to hold back the tears (pretty unsuccessfully). It was beautiful. Kate looked stunning and Paice ever the handsome groom. As they caught sight of each other for the first time on their wedding day, everyone in the room knew that they were perfect for one another.

I wrote a reading for the day about my friends and as I delivered the final lines, I looked at the newlyweds knowing that this really was the beginning of their adventure.

Despite the naked picture of the groom that circulated the tables during the wedding speeches or the video from the stag weekend in Ibiza of the groom dancing to Suspicious Minds, the day was incredible, and by the time the first dance came around every one had clean forgotten his hairy torso.

It is not often that I gush about relationships, but in this case I am left with the feeling that perhaps there is someone for everyone and that here you have a case of two people, against all the odds, finding each other.