How well do you know Brighton? If you're one of the thousands of Brightonians now using Twitter, then now's your chance to show off your local knowledge.

In February, travel writer Benji Lanyado junked the guide books for a trip to Paris, relying instead entirely on recommendations from his followers on Twitter.

The trip, or Twitrip as it was inevitably dubbed, was declared a success, and now London-based Benji is testing it out closer to home, in Brighton.

He will be arriving in the city tomorrow morning, and is hoping to get the lowdown on all things local from people who actually live in the city.

In a Twitter interview (what else? - he's @benjilanyado, I'm @BrightonArgusJo), he said he's coming to Brighton because " It's the summer, and my geography teacher once told me that south=hotter. Oh, and I like cafes and liberalism."

He added: "I want to find things that aren't in the guides. Quirky things, surprising things, *local* things!"

Here's some more information about the trip on the Guardian website, but to really get a flavour of what he's up to, you really need to go to Benji's Twitterstream.

Twitter is also the best place to give Benji tips (for those inspired to sign up by this, just type in updates starting @benjilanyado and he'll get them. He's also like them tagged #Twitrip). But if you're itching to give him some good ideas, and you just can't get your head around it (or let's be honest, just can't be bothered to sign up right now) then I reckon Benji won't mind us bending the rules, so post a comment below and I'll tweet it to him on your behalf.

Finally, everyone can see the trip unfold here - including Benji's updates and everyone's #Twitrip tagged tips.