A mother has described the ‘miracle’ of how her baby boy escaped unhurt after falling 20ft out of a window.

Little Callum Longhurst fell from the second-storey window at his home in the Queen's Park area of Brighton.

The 20-month-old fell on grass and was taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in the city.

He was kept in overnight and given CT scans and X-rays but doctors could not find anything wrong with him.

His mother Dawn was told the reason he wasn’t injured was because he is so young and has supple bones so he effectively bounced Talking to The Argus, Dawn told of the terrifying moment she realised her son had fallen.

She said: “We were in the sitting room and Callum was playing on the floor with his toys.

“I went into the kitchen to get my phone and when I came back in he was gone.

“I was only out of the room for a couple of seconds but that was enough time for him to disappear.

“He often hides from me so I checked behind the sofa but then my instincts told me to look out of the window.”

In the seconds that she was out of the room, Callum had climbed onto a coffee table and then onto a sofa before falling from the open window.

Dawn, 22, said her worst fears were realised when she saw her son lying on the ground under the window.

She said: “I could see him outside. My heart was in my mouth.

“I rushed down to him and picked him up and brought him back upstairs.

“He was crying and screaming but the doctors later told me this was a good sign.

“I tried to comfort him but he was so upset and was holding his arm and his leg.”

Dawn called an ambulance which took Callum to hospital after the incident on Thursday afternoon.

She said: “The doctors were great. They told me the reason he wasn't injured was because he is so young and has supple bones so he effectively bounced.

“You can't be with kids 24/7 but it doesn't take long for an accident to happen.

“It's a relief to be home. Callum is ok and the doctors said he will be fine.

“It's a miracle really.”