St Dunstan's home has released details of the funeral of Henry Allingham, with details of how the public can get involved: "In accordance with the wishes of Henry's family, a family funeral with military honours will take place at 12 noon on Thursday 30 July at St Nicholas’ Church, Dyke Road, Brighton. The MoD and St Dunstan’s have been assisting in the arrangements for this and in ensuring that Henry is given a fitting tribute.

"Many local people have expressed an interest in paying their respects and have sent thoughtful and touching messages of condolence. As the church has limited capacity, places are to be restricted to invited guests. However, there will be opportunities for members of the public to be involved:

Lining the route

"We would welcome people lining the route to pay respects as the funeral cortege passes. The hearse will set out from St Dunstan’s Centre, Ovingdean at 11.15am taking the route to Marine Parade past the pier onto King’s Road. It will then turning north onto West Street, past the clock tower and onto Dyke Road, before making the final journey to the church.

At the church

"There will be a screen erected in the church grounds to enable people to watch the service and participate from outside the church. Please be in place by 11.30am to minimise any disruption to the service.

Media coverage

"The event will be covered by local and national media, with key regional and national outlets due to broadcast the event live.


"Rather than flowers, the family has nominated two charities which people can donate to in memory of Henry: St Dunstan’s – call 0300 111 2233 or, make tribute online at The Dark Horse Venture, UK registered charity 328662, T: 0151 256 8866

Book of Condolence

"St Dunstan’s will hold a book of condolence in the chapel at their Ovingdean Centre. The book will be available to the public to sign on 23, 24 and 27 July between the hours of 9am and 4pm."

For more information go to Road and Royal Pavilion closures Traffic could be temporarily disrupted in Brighton city centre during the funeral.

Some roads near St Nicholas’s Church will be closed before, during and after the event with diversions in place.

Traffic could also be slowed as the cortege travels from St Dunstan’s, Ovingdean, along the A259 and West Street.

There is expected to be heavy pressure on Church Street car park as there is also a graduation ceremony happening at the Dome.

The Royal Pavilion will also be closed until 3.15pm on the day as the official wake will take place there. Admission to the wake is strictly by invitation only and the general public are asked not to go there.

Church Street - cul-de-sac section north of the church will be closed from early on Thursday 30 July, from around 9am.

Dyke Road between Upper North Street and Buckingham Road will be closed from approx.9.30am on Thursday 30 July.

Clifton Terrace will be closed from its junction with Dyke Road westwards for approx 30 metres from approx 9.00am.

Dyke Road and Clifton Terrace will be re-opened following departure of the cortege and guests, by around 2pm.

The section of Church Street will re-open around 6pm.