I AM writing out of interest with regard to the fox hunting ban that has recently come under scrutiny again.

The Conservative Party recently stated it was extremely likely that a vote for the Tories was a vote to bring back fox hunting.

As the Conservatives have been getting a lot of good press lately I think it is important to remind everyone what a vote for fox hunting means.

Fox hunting is a cruel sport. You do not win by getting a ball in a net or by swimming a length the fastest. You win by killing a fox. It is inhumane, unnecessary and very sad that it may be allowed back into England.

There are three reasons often given as to why fox hunting should be allowed: it is a tradition, a form of countryside control and that we as humans should be able to do as we please as long as we do not harm other humans.

Firstly, it may be a traditional sport but that does not give it any rights. It was once acceptable to keep slaves and for women to be banned from voting, both terrible historic facts and both things we have been able to overcome as a nation, so why can we not overcome something as obviously cruel as fox hunting?

Secondly, if the countryside needs to be controlled it can be done humanely with professional marksmen. There’s no need for fox hunting where foxes, despite claims of an instant death, often suffer for a long time before they finally die.

Finally, yes people should be entitled to freedom, but causing cruelty and unnecessary suffering should not be a freedom.

Ghandi said that a country can be judged by the way it treats its animals and so far England has set a high standard for other countries with animal welfare. We should be proud of that and continue to move forward and not go backwards.

To oppose fox hunting is not prejudice and it is not out of lack of understanding of rural life. It is out of compassion and respect for all living creatures and a strong belief in right and wrong. Killing for sport is wrong.

Stephanie Bray Western Road Hove