How do you travel around the city? Do you have any strong feelings about your daily commute? And are there any funny stories you'd like to share on the way?

Over the last few weeks, a movement has been making it its mission to chart the commuting movements of Brighton and Hove's masses. It's mainly using Twitter, where it persuades fellow Twitterers to use the hashtag #twago. It also has a blog and Facebook page.

On the blog, the people behind Twago explain they want to track people's travel habits for a three month period, and will be sharing the information with everyone who contributes. They add: "And finally, we will also be sharing the results with our clients, PBA, who work on behalf of the council to better understand the transport habits and needs in our city." So by taking part, it's possible you may have a small influence on the city's future travel policy.

The information is interesting - a surprisingly large number of people are cycling to work, for instance (although that's almost certainly influenced by the similar demographics of a typical cyclist and a typical Twitter - and the fact we cyclists like to go on about it!). It's perhaps most useful as a record of how people feel about their chosen mode of transport, rather than a realistic breakdown of usage.

I'm not sure which category of usefulness this video from special_noodles skipping to work comes into, but it certainly made me laugh:

This isn't the first time Twitter's been used in a similar way in the city. Our very own bricom Twitter account re-tweets anyone using the hashtag #bricom to describe their journey on the trains, and was started as part of our Save our Service campaign. And Kay Sexton has been tagging her tweets with #foundwhilewalking to list the funny things she comes across while, er, walking round the city, e.g. "a pink hairgrip with a crown on it; a cat on a van roof; chocolate wrappers; hunger."

It's also recently been joined by #observedwhiledriving, and both are well worth a look.