Brighton's famous “soul food” restaurant Momma Cherri's has closed for good.

The restaurant in Little East Street, Brighton, which gained national recognition after it was featured by TV chef Gordon Ramsay, has been shut for several weeks after administrators moved in, told staff to leave and changed the locks.

It was being run under licence by a company called American Soul Food Ltd, set up by Katryna Thomas-Shell, the daughter of Momma Cherri – real name Charita Jones.

It was hoped that a Brighton businessman would buy the business and take it out of administration so it could re-open.

But Mrs Jones said she has now taken the reluctant decision to move on to other projects.

The restaurant shot to national fame after being featured on the Gordon Ramsey show Kitchen Nightmares.

But ultimately, this was not enough to save its skin.

It is the second Brighton restaurant to have been hit by what is becoming known as the curse of Gordon Ramsey.

Love’s fish and seafood restaurant in St James’s Street, Kemp Town, closed in December, blaming the credit crunch for its woes.