Devoid of pretention but full of original eccentricity, Tim Ten Yen’s act supporting Jim Bob tonight was a refreshing, joyful sight.

Slight, suited and backed only by an iPod Shuffle and a “sinister” toy cat by way of of a band, TTY provided an energetic cabaret of high-kicks and peculiar dance routines, combined with a set of energetic pop songs delivered in a never-breathless croon.

The simplicity of his set-up merely emphasised the sophistication of his maverick music, which was as accessible as chart fodder but far more intelligent, entertaining and fulfilling.

Jim Bob has displayed an independent pop vision for more than two decades since the start of Carter USM’s punky, literate odyssey.

His clever word-play and black humour remains as sharp as ever, although never displayed better than on songs of Carter’s earlier catalogue such as Falling On A Bruise. With Chris T-T accompanying on piano, he opened with songs from his current LP, Goffam, and its predecessor School – including his inspired tribute to a potty-mouthed home economics teacher, Mrs MacMurphy.

Apparently occupying territory somewhere between Ray Davies and Eric Idle in middle age, he evoked the spirit of the music hall with songs such as Carousel and bubble-blowing finale Touchy Feely.