Today is Take You Dog to Work day, and being canineless I'm feeling left out, so I thought I would virtually take Brighton's blogging bowwow Lola Bones to the Argus site instead.

Lola can't quite manage full-out blogging, so she tweets nuggets of doggy insight here instead.

She sometimes risks ridicule, like when she admitted: "I just screamed and ran away when a cat I was bothering stood its ground and hissed at me, feeling a bit embarrassed now."

But she's just as likely to embarrass her owners, with revelations like: "Hiding under the sofa as the big people are insisting on watching the Sound of Music."

Thanks to this, and the many photos owner, or mummy, rah_rah has posted on Flickr, Lola is sometimes now celebrity spotted in the street.

So if you see her trotting down The Lanes, be sure to go over and say hello.