This has to be the most charming thing I’ve seen all week.

It all began when Brighton mum Mock Duck’s daughter Item drew this picture of a ladybird, which could melt the heart of the most curmudgeonly.

But underneath she quoted four-year-old Item’s words on completing it: “"I love drawin', Mummy. The only trouble is...[pause] thinkin' of somefink to draw!"

As is the way with blogs, this prompted readers to offer their help to Item, and lo, a poll was born.

Don’t you just love the idea of a little girl in Brighton being inspired to draw all manner of things by the power of teh interwebz?

Here’s the list, which includes lots of bears dancing, a hedgehog party, and a monster, which has already been brought to life thus:

The Argus: Item's drawing of a monster

To see what other wonders spring from the paintbox, visit

The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted that Mock Duck and Item are not their real names.