Animal lovers have called for drivers to show more compassion after a fawn was left for dead.

The baby deer was left with three broken legs after the collision with the car.

Vets were forced to put the animal down because it had not received medical attention fast enough.

Littlehampton-based West Sussex Wildlife Protection called for motorists to report accidents with wildlife after the incident on Tuesday on Downs Road in West Stoke, near Chichester.

Spokeswoman Jaine Wild said: "It was just so sad, someone obviously knew they had hit this fawn, then they have just driven off and left it. It's absolutely heartless to do that.

"If you hit a wild animal you owe it to the creature and your conscience to report it immediately, to stay with it so rescuers know where to go and in the case of deer to cover their heads to cause less stress.”

If you have an accident involving an animal, call the RSPCA helpline on 0300 1234999.