Plans for new bike lanes on a major road have been called into question.

It has been claimed that proposals for the A23 London Road, at Patcham, Brighton, could clash with future plans for a park and ride scheme.

Brighton and Hove City Council is currently consulting on plans for 1.5m wide cycle lanes on either side of the road, connecting to an existing route on the London Road south of Carden Avenue.

Pro-cycling councillor Ian Davey said if a park and ride car park was created at the northern edge of the city, where it has been proposed in the past, it would require a specific bus lane on the stretch which could mean the cycle lanes would have to be moved again.

He said: "Maybe it would make sense to wait until the council's Conservative administration present their plans for park and ride so the schemes can be looked at together."

His opinion was echoed by Roger French, managing director of the Brighton and Hove Bus and Coach Company.

Mr French said: "If there was to ever be a park and ride scheme from the north of the city that section would be absolutely vital for creating a bus priority route into the centre.

“There would need to be one because that stretch gets very congested on busy days in the summer."

Council leader Mary Mears yesterday insisted the A23 cycle lane scheme would not have any impact on its plans.

She said: "We are actively looking at park and ride sites.

“Putting in cycle lanes will make no difference to that. Those are a continuation of a scheme that is being expanded across the city. Everything we do is considered as part of the bigger picture."