When Jeremy Keith, aka @adactio, first noticed the funny jottings on what he dubs Brighton's "existentialist chalkboard" two years ago, he started taking pictures and compiling them into a Flickr album.

The board outside the Earth and Stars in Windsor Street, North Laine, is used to display quirky messages, such as: "So bored of this job. I don’t want to be a chalkboard anymore. I wish I’d paid more attention in woodwork, I could have been a skateboard or a sun-lounger… at least I’m not a chopping board."

This week, he discovered that it's started talking back to him: "Call me paranoid but I’m sure someone’s watching me, some are even taking pictures. I’m not sure of my rights as a chalkboard, but I feel violated. I’ll be watching you Mr Keith!"

Mr Keith is amused. He says on his blog: "I’m being cyberstalked by a paranoid existentialist chalkboard."

Visit the blog or the Flickr album for more chalky wisdom.