Overheard in Brighton's favourite this week is a surreal image sparked by orbific's wonderful: from a strange-looking man on St James's Street: "I tried to wallpaper my horse once.”

Here's the best of the rest:

divydovy In the future will there be Internet Archeologists?

BrightonArgusJo zombie-proofing, I predict this to be a growth market

rapella "Yo lets go smoke this bleezy homie ill come get u."

orbific My boss: "Rocky Balboa has the same basic plot as Bridget Jones"

ForbesColeman "it was a sign from god last night when I dropped my 'Cardi n Coke and my boob popped out."

feathersohollow heard outside r-bar 'no seriously fiona philips is my auntie, i'll call her if you like'

wilsondan "Sod the Lisbon Treaty. What about the Lesbian Treaty? Brighton would vote yes."

nikkib Two new male students "You should eat, food helps you concentrate." "Does it?" "Yeah like water" "But is it an essential?

And finally, from Reuben Turner on Facebook:

"HELLO, IS EVERYONE ALRIGHT?" shouted into a mobile on the train to Brighton tonight by a yummy mummy ringing her nanny. The entire carriage looked up and then tuned in to her incredibly loud conversations with the nanny, little Jocasta, etc. People were openly laughing. She was like a character from a soap opera.

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