SEE is Sarah, Ellie & Emma, three real women, aged 19 to 26, all with our own sense of style.

SEE is not about high fashion, slavish trend-following or spending a fortune in the name of style.

It is...

  • about making women look and feel their best, and we promise to SEE the best of what’s out there so that you don’t have to.
  • about giving women the confidence to try out new things even if you don’t look like Kate Moss.
  • about integrating key pieces into wardrobe to create a look that’s all you.
  • about the power to SEE the woman, the outfit, and the style for you and not just LOOK on...

Sarah Peel

After years of trying to find a style that I like, I think I’ve finally cracked it. For me it’s quirky clothing. Things that are a little bit more unique and you wouldn’t see everyone wearing. My general rule of thumb is to start out with one item of clothing and work around that. Maybe it’s just a plain black top, but to make it your own add some funky accessories.

If you like my style it’s essential to mix old with new. So don’t just hit the high street shops – get out there and rummage the rails of car boots, charity shops and vintage boutiques.

My favourite shops:

H&M: Stylish but cheap.

Zara: A bit more sophisticated, you can pick up some quirky bits which other people won’t have. For cheaper bits, check out Zara Basics.

To Be Worn Again: Brighton’s most prestigious name in vintage, with three stores.

Primark: Great for picking up cheap accessories. Perfect for adding your own edge to things – get scissor-happy, add some buttons or even get out your sewing machine.

Absolute Vintage: Great selection of shoes, what more can I say!

I am wearing… Purple jumper: Oxfam. Grey shoes: Aldo. T-shirt: To Be Worn Again. Black shorts: H&M. Cream fake snake-skin belt: Primark. Gold ring: Matalan. Black tights: Tesco.

Ellie Moss

Hard to describe my style, I don’t usually go for much colour so I guess neutrals are more my kind of thing! For daytime I like something comfy but stylish, I love knitted dresses,cardis, warm tights and comfy shoes! For evening I’ll go all out dressy – pain is fashion and all that!

I love the summer dress with chunky cardi look at the moment as it means your lovely summer dresses don’t end up languishing at the back of the wardrobe all winter! I like high street shops but I am determined to be a bit more adventurous and explore some charity shops and vintage shops as there’s such a great range of them in Brighton!

My next purchase will be a black blazer – great for winter and dressing things up a bit – probably from Tesco as apparently they have some great ones for about £12.

My favourite shops:

H&M: Sometimes annoys me as it can be a bit of a jumble sale! But some great finds, if you’ve got the time to browse.

Primark: Cheap!! Great accessories.

Zara: Very European, I always go to Zara if I’m looking for something a bit special.

Asda: George at Asda just gets better and better and is very reasonable priced!

I am wearing… Grey Cardigan: Zara. White Dress: Matalan. Boots: Barratts sale. Tights: Asda. Necklace: My grandmother’s!

Emma Laurence

At 26 I’ve been a student, a receptionist, an office dogsbody, an extra, a saleswoman and now (fingers crossed) a fashion journalist, so I like to think I know a thing or two about dressing for the job.

Plus, I’ve been a size 10 and a size 20 – and everywhere in between – so I’ve learned the hard way how to make the most of my shape, wherever I happen to fall on the yo-yo curve. I will forever be indebted to River Island for cutting their jeans so wonderfully generously in the bum department and Primark for making affordable pumps that succeed in making even my size 8 stompers look ladylike. Not forgetting Coco Chanel, who believed that when you think you’re ready, you should always take one thing off. (Think accessories, not knickers…)

I believe style is partly something you’re born with, and I know I have my mum to thank for my love of shoulder pads and all things gold… But I also know that it’s about having fun and enjoying who you are, and sometimes trying on who you want to be for size. So what if you make a few mistakes along the way, at least you can say you did it with style.

I am wearing… Boyfriend jeans: River Island. Vest: H&M. Cardigan: Primark. Shoes: Faith. Ring: Topshop. Silk scarf: Aldo