There's an interesting discussion here on the Brighton Flickr group about whether using a digital camera makes you a worse photographer.

It's kickstarted by Alkman, who says: "I'm not going to rant on about film vs digital, but I seriously just don't get this.

"With a digital camera I just simply can not take any pictures that are even remotely upload-worthy, and it completely does my head in.

"Photos taken on film (for me anyway) always feel so full of character, a friend of mine once said that film photos always look like "memories" and I just have to agree, the colours are wrong, everything is a bit fuzzy around the edges...

"Could it be my pictures are just not very good, and I need the imperfections and the inaccuracies of film to make them look interesting?"

(I've cut his words a bit, including a couple of swears, be warned) The responses, as comes with the territory on Flickr, get fairly technical, but there are some less geeky takes.

Rob Orchard suggests: "Maybe your film stuff looks better because you're subconciously taking more time over the shot because you don't want to waste the film?"

And further down, TimBrighton makes the related point: "This debate reminds me a little bit of the great CD v Vinyl debate that adiophiles/hi-fi nuts pursued for years."