A quick one - Dan Wilson's take on why Brighton is Godless, in response to our story about the new vicar of St Peter's Church, Archie Coates, saying he wanted to transform Britain's "most Godless city" is well worth a read.

In essence, it's a potted history of the city from conversion: "Reverend Coates follows in the footsteps of St Wilfred who was attacked by belligerent Pagan locals when he tried to land in Sussex in the year 666. He didn’t return as a missionary for another 15 years."

to the present day: "After 1841, and to the present day, Brighton became a popular holiday resort and a daytrip destination. I think it’s fair to say that they don’t come here for god."


*I've not seen any reaction from people more sympathetic to the Christian point of view, but of course if anyone wants to point one out to me, I'll include it here.