A councillor has criticised a free night-time festival for failing to encourage non-white people along.

The White Night festival, held in Brighton and Hove on Saturday, saw thousands of people take to the streets and celebrate the end of British summer time.

But Green Party councillor Ben Duncan said it did not welcome the city’s black and minority ethnic population.

He was speaking after a complaint was sent to all the city’s councillors and the local authority’s chief executive suggesting the festival alienated people.

Speaking on his blog, Coun Duncan said: "I think he might have a point: White Lights was fantastic. Although there were events specifically focused on ethnic minority arts, it still felt mono-cultural. "According to the 2001 census (now hopelessly out of date, of course) the city's Black and Minority Ethnic Population is about 15,000 people. Not many of them were out and about last night. "But racism doesn't have to be deliberate, or obvious: I really believe if someone reports that they have been the victim of racism then they probably have - and we at least have a duty to look more closely at their claims. "So let's see if we can make the festival a little more inclusive next year."

The festival, in its second year, was organised by the city council’s Brighton and Hove Arts Commission and supported by South East England Development Agency and Arts Council England South East. Brighton and Hove City Council said the festival was aimed at being inclusive to all.

Read Ben Duncan's comments in full at his blog here.