Activists held a march to protest against experiments on animals.

People dressed up as animals or lab workers gathered for the protest in Horsham.

Protestors waved placards and banners as they set off from Horsham Park and made their way to the Novartis research centre in Wimblehurst Road before heading back to the park.

Police said the march passed off without incident and there were no arrests.

Around 70 people took part.

Superintendent Jane Rhodes, of Sussex Police, said: “We are glad that once again, with the co-operation of the protest organisers, the event took place without violence or the need for arrests.

“We had met march organisers before the event and on the day, to encourage those taking part to work with police, in order to help enable us to facilitate a peaceful protest with the minimum of disruption.

"Our key aim was to minimise disruption to residents, shoppers and businesses and to maintain public safety.”