Nostalgia - don't you just love it? And never more so than Saturday night, when I’ll get a chance to revisit The Hungry Years.

This Saturday sees a The Hungry Years reunion at the Komedia.

The Hungry Years started as the Arlington Hotel and was given its new name in 1973 when it became a rock music venue. In 1976 it was taken over by John and Pepa Christoforou who had the club right up until it closed in 2000.

My memories of the Years began in 1986 when I was introduced to the club.

I started going as a regular both on the free night and on Saturdays.

For anyone who loves rock and heavy metal this was the place to be and be seen.

Brighton's most interesting and colourful characters could be seen in attendance.

It was the height of the 1980s. Guns 'n' Roses mania prevailed, big hair, lots of studs and leather ruled.

The thing I liked about the Years was how friendly everybody was.

It didn't matter if you went on your own as there would always be someone you knew to talk to.

I felt safe it was like being part of an extended family and what I was doing was catching up with the relatives.

Of all the venues to go to and given the image it portrayed I never once came across any trouble. You were more likely to get trouble from someone in a suit in West Street rather than the Years.

I can remember standing on the beach watching Road Rats throw scooter frames as Mods were not allowed in the club.

Later that evening they would be in attendance with their bikes parked up outside.

At New Year, regulars were given calendars for their patronage.

When the club closed it was devastating, it was like mourning the death of an old friend. Our beloved venue had gone, where would we go? It felt like we had been cast out.

On the last night we were all given the opportunity to acquire a piece of the Years by turning up on the Sunday and purchasing, taking anything and everything.

I have the neon sign that was attached to Manchester Street proudly announcing The Hungry Years Gathering Place. Every now and then I turn it on just to remind myself of those heady days.

I'm sure this Saturday’s event will be nostalgic for people as not only is it a rock disco but two bands are playing: Dirty DC and Dirty Shoes and you can't get more Years than the Shoes - so a true rock n roll event.