WITH a recession in full swing and money understandably tight, many people will be turning to the internet auction site eBay to try and grab some Christmas bargains.

But for those wanting more than just a cheap pair of slippers, eBay could become a new business.

Brighton-based blogger and internet guru Dan Wilson is an expert on the site – which this year is ten years old.

Dan, 32, was part of the founding team of eBay UK and worked for the powerhouse of online retailing until 2006.

The second edition of his bestselling book, Make Serious Money On eBay UK, has just been released. But unlike the original 2005 edition it focuses on turning a hobby into a full-time job.

Dan said: “It was quite basic and showed you how to set up on eBay but this edition is much more focused on the business side of things.”

As well as looking at eBay, the book widens the subject of online selling and also looks at Amazon.co.uk’s marketplace and other ways to sell your wares online.

Dan, who regularly blogs at theargus.co.uk and wilsondan.co.uk, added: “The theme of the book is that eBay is the easiest way to start selling online. And that once you’ve cracked it, you can go forward and set up your own website.”

Making a living on eBay is all about customer service. There are a lot of big businesses out there profiting from the web, but smaller businesses can be much better at it.

“They can be more nimble and more responsive. The message in the book is that you can take on the big boys and treat people the way you would like to be treated,” says Dan.

● The Make Serious Money On eBay UK is on sale now, priced £12.99 at Amazon.co.uk.

Dan top three tips for eBay success 1) Start small Too many people start off on eBay by selling a precious or tricky item, such as a family heirloom or a treasured collectable.

They’re disheartened when it doesn’t work out and doesn’t raise the amount expected.

Like anything new, eBay is tricky. Start small, learn the ropes and make your inevitable beginners’ mistakes on small items.

Once you know the drill, then you can start selling big ticket items successfully.

2) Professionalism counts eBay is increasingly the home to an army of professional sellers. Even if you’re not a business, make sure that you act professionally, dispatch swiftly and use quality packaging. eBay buyers have come to expect the best.

3) Market off eBay There are no prizes for shyness when it comes to selling online. Market your eBay sales on Twitter, Facebook, your own website and anywhere where people might see it. It pays to be shameless.