A woman will be hosting a memorial service to birds killed in conflict tomorrow.

Cynthia O'Neill, 71, from Burgess Hill, will visit the Warrior Bird memorial in Beach House Park, Brighton Road, Worthing, to remember the brave birds which perished in World War Two.

The landscaped memorial, believed to be the only bird memorial in the country, was built in 1949 and is maintained by Worthing Borough Council.

The first messages from the D-Day landings were conveyed back to England by carrier pigeons.

Ms Neill, a retired nurse, has paid her respects alone for the past two years and left hand-made tributes to the birds.

She said: "We do owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude.

"They did a lot for us and I do think we should remember them."

The plaque on the memorial reads: "On top of this mounds is a memorial to Warrior Birds who gave their lives on active service 1939-45. It is also for the pleasure and use of living birds."

The ceremony will begin at 10am.