A sadistic gang who tied up and mercilessly tortured their victims during two robberies have been jailed.

One victim had his toes crushed with pliers until he screamed in agony.

The robbers tried to pull another man's teeth out with pliers and jammed a metal pole down the throats of others until they choked.

One victim was so terrified he had a fit and passed out but two of his attackers thought he was pretending.

Ashley Edwards, 21, and Arnold Epono, 20, and Landry Ntahe, 19 were yesterday all jailed for the raids in Crawley on December 7.

Edwards, who used to live in Crawley, and Epono are considered to be so dangerous that they were locked up indefinitely yesterday.

It will be at least five years before they can even be considered for parole but they will not be set free until it is considered they are safe to be released.

Ntahe was jailed for five years for his part in the horrific ordeal that the gang, all from London, put their victims through.