Handlebars, Dalis, imperials and even a few outrageous freestylers have taken the city by storm.

Hundreds of soup-strainers have been p r o u d l y d i s p l a y e d a c r o s s Brighton and Hove in the newly christened month of Movember.

After 30 days of cultivating whiskers, chaps are getting ready to celebrate the end of moustache month, which aims to raise funds and awareness about prostate cancer.

In the past four weeks, one Brighton firm looked like it was staffed by Hulk Hogan, Frank Zappa and Carlos Santana.

More than 50 financial workers have been cultivating their face fur at American Express, in Preston Road.

Account development manager Tim Annis, from the Amex Mo Fos team, said the most surprising part of Movember was the bright ginger colour of whiskers.

Tim, 27, of Dyke Road, Brighton, said: “I’ve never grown a moustache before and have found the whole thing really funny.

“I've not had too much difficulty growing a ’tache, but a few people struggled to get more than a little bit of fuzz.

“It does take double the time to shave in the morning.

“I thought it would save me time but you have to be much more careful, and mine is just a relatively simple handlebar.

“Some of the others have much more complicated ones.

One, which does not technically stick to the rules, goes from the sideburns, along the jaw and into a handlebar.”

Movember is an annual, month-long celebration of the moustache, highlighting men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer. This year more than 250,000 people world-wide are taking part.

The name comes from the Australian slang for a moustache, a mo.

Hannah Lyons organised a Movember party, at Blanch House, Brighton, on Thursday.

She said: “We wanted to celebrate all the people who have grown fantastic moustaches during Movember.

“There were people from all over Brighton and some amazing facial hair.”