A goth robber held up a bank but then gave away all the money he had stolen.

Frater Osiris Xnoubis was dressed from head to foot in black leather when he carried out the bizarre robbery.

He handed a note to terrified cashier Laura Sulling telling her he was armed and demanded she hand over the cash in her till.

Xnoubis, a Pagan worshipper, stuffed £6,570 into a bag and told her to “have a nice day” before calmly walking out of the HSBC branch in Terminus Road, Eastbourne.

He walked a few yards to The Gildridge pub where he handed barmaid Gemma Clark a £20 note for a bottle of beer and told her to keep the change.

After downing his drink he left and went to nearby Harrisons sandwich bar.

He handed the bag of cash to astonished owner Clive Benneys, who was also his landlord, saying: “You are good people, help yourselves.”

Xnoubis left the shop and promptly went to the police station in Grove Road where he confessed to the robbery.

At Hove Crown court yesterday, Xnoubis, of Glynde Road, Eastbourne, was jailed for three-and-a-half years after pleading guilty to robbery.

Justin Rivett, defending, said Xnoubis had a knife hidden on him during the robbery but did not show it to bank staff.

He said a psychiatric report confirmed Xnoubis was suffering from depression but was not mentally ill.