A popular children’s playground faces an uncertain future as plans for a £17 million swimming pool are drawn up.

Peter Pan’s and the neighbouring free paddling pool, in Beach House grounds, Worthing, will be wiped from the map by the new Aquarena.

The borough council has not yet decided whether they will be scrapped or relocated.

Clive Haggar, proprietor of Peter Pan’s, which has entertained children since the 1950s, fears it could be the end when his lease expires in early 2011.

He said: “There aren’t many children’s facilities in Worthing and we can’t afford to lose any more.

“The council is not thinking of future generations.

I don’t think people realise the new Aquarena is going on the paddling pool and Peter Pan’s.”

A report to councillors said: “Peter Pan’s Playground has been located in Beach House grounds for a considerable number of years.

“If it is not intended to provide a replacement playground, this could reflect badly on the council.

“The provision of the new swimming pool will also mean the loss of the existing Aquarena paddling pool.

The options for relocating the playground within Beach House grounds are extremely limited.

“The disused tennis courts along the western boundary could accommodate a small leisure facility but this site should be reserved for possible car parking once the new swimming pool is constructed.”

Councillor Paul Yallop, leader of the council, said nothing had been decided.

He said the council hoped to establish an active beach zone east of Splash Point which could provide new facilities for children.