A woman who carried out a campaign of violence and intimidation against council tenants has been jailed.

Shirley Miles, 45, has been given a two-month prison sentence for anti-social behaviour.

During her terror campaign at a number of council properties in Kemp Town, Brighton, Miles abused two vulnerable tenants, using a razor blade toattack and cut a tenant's face and body.

She also caused criminal damage to council property and stole property and money.

Brighton and Hove City Council was granted an Antisocial Behaviour Injunction against Miles, who was of no fixed abode, in April.

However she breached the injunction three times and a previously suspended sentence was enacted to run with a new sentence, totalling two months in prison.

Maria Caulfield, Brighton and Hove City Council's cabinet member for housing said: "This is a tremendous result highlighting that we will not tolerate any intimidating or nuisance behaviour against our tenants.

“It's a clear signal showing the length that we will go to to protect our tenants and properties which can and will result in serious sanctions including a prison term."

Ellen Burge, a resident at Wiltshire, said: "I have put up with huge arguments outside my home with lots of shouting and kicking and banging.

“It has been so disturbing and tiring.

“I am so very pleased with the result, it sends a strong message to people and shows what can be done when residents are prepared to report things and go to court"