Ever wondered how to use a mobile phone? What about reading a map? Or even washing your hands correctly?

A council has proudly launched a series of videos to explain how to do such things.

How to use a mobile phone.

The videos have been posted on West Sussex County Council's own website and YouTube.

Councillor Brad Watson OBE, the cabinet member for communications, said: “There has been enormous interest in our films, and we are delighted that we can now make them more accessible.

“We are now showcasing about 50 films, all of which highlight services the county council either provides or is involved in.”

How to use a mobile phone is presented by a worker from the council's adult education service.

How to wash your hands.

In it he explains: “I have my phone firmly in my right hand and then select the digit of choice, in my case the left index finger.

“Place your finger on the button – don't come at it from a distance.”

A spokesman for pressure group Taxpayers' Alliance said: “Some council publicity, such as informing people of how to access key services, is important but this is verging on the absurd.

“People don't want to be patronised, and it isn't the job of the council to teach people about mobile phones. The irrelevance of these videos is reflected in the fact that hardly anyone watches them In these tough times, the council should be much more careful with taxpayers' money."

How to use a map and compass.

Councillor Morwen Millson, leader of the Lib Dem opposition on the county council, said: “I am pleased with this new initiative that has put some valuable information on the website about council services.

“I am slightly concerned at how useful a video on using a mobile phone might be. I'm wondering whether people who cannot use a mobile phone would be able to use the internet.”

A spokesman for West Sussex County Council defended the videos and said they explained what the council did and provided valuable and useful information.

He said the mobile phone video was produced by its adult education service and was a valuable learning resource.

He said: “We do have an adult education course on how to use your mobile phone. Not everybody can get out of the house for these things. Having this available is an extra teaching tool for those who don't know about the course or who cannot get to it for whatever reason.”

Asked if people who can't use a mobile would be able to use the internet to view the video the spokesman said people's relatives would be able to show them the video.