I hate Facebook. Every day I am on it. Oh the irony.

You can see everything and know everything about someone’s life just from Facebook. I have literally bumped into people that I have never met before but know all about their exploits, through a mutual friend’s pictures of them on Facebook.

The thing that really gets me about Facebook is the way that relationships are played out for all to see. I know this, because I do it and because I see it all the time.

It might be a status update where someone is expressing how their heart is breaking into a thousand pieces, or the pictures of a wedding. We know what you are doing. We don’t need ID cards, we have Facebook.

Thankfully some smart bods have made their profiles private and allow only a privileged few to see what is going on in their lives.

I know a couple who recently ended their relationship. They, like many for whom it doesn’t work out, did not hire a skywriter to tell their friends. But as ‘Pete’ changed his relationship status from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘single’, we all knew from our Facebook notifications, that it was over.

I can’t decide what is worse. That I feel it necessary to update my Facebook status or nosily look at what other people are up to?

I recently saw a video about how Facebook can ruin your relationships. How an innocent ‘poke’, gift of a beer or comment can spark off arguments and people assuming the worst of their partners.

“What was so amazing that you ‘LMAO-ed’ all over Kathryn’s profile? Huh? It wasn’t even 7am and you were looking at her profile”. In a word, Facebook can make you crazily jealous and suspicious. Maybe even a bit bonkers. Facebook also encourages you to snoop at how other people have been spending their time and then make comments on it. How many times in the last week have you started a sentence with ‘I was on Facebook yesterday and...’? Or when asked how you know about something, replied with ‘...because I saw it on Facebook’?

In short Facebook is for people who genuinely want to connect with people and find past friends or family members. And Facebook is also for nosey parkers. I am still unsure which category I fit into.