Two Brighton pubs were closed yesterday after the company that ran them went into administration.

The Dyke Tavern in Dyke Road and The Hobgoblin, in York Place, were shut by administrators from Grant Thornton.

The pubs were operated by Pubs ’n’ Bars.

The Dyke Tavern was leased from Enterprise Inns and The Hobgoblin was leased from Punch Taverns.

Pubs 'n' Bars operate three other pubs in the city, the Good Companions, in Dyke Road, the Tamplins Ale House, in Ditchling Road, and The Winner, in Elm Grove, but they have not closed.

Pubs ’n’ Bars has debts of £24 million, mostly due to its bankers.

In the year to June it made a loss of £690,000.

The smoking ban and the recession have been blamed for a downturn in trade which has hit sales and profits at the group, which has its head office in London.