Celebrity chef Momma Cherri said she wouldn’t dare open another Brighton restaurant after quitting her latest venture.

Momma Cherri, real name Charita Jones, walked away from the Momma Cherri Speakeasy on Wednesday just two months after it opened in Providence Place, Brighton.

Mrs Jones, who shot to fame after appearing in Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, said her reputation had been damaged by the failed ventures.

She said: “It's embarrassing. I don't even dare attempt to open another one in Brighton.

“I'll have to give it a good year or so. People will not have faith in me.”

Mrs Jones said she decided to leave the Speakeasy after a rift developed with the restaurant’s backers.

She also claimed service and entertainment staff had not been paid.

Mrs Jones added: “I feel as if this has really destroyed my reputation. I don't know if the people of Brighton will accept me again."

Five months ago Momma Cherri's Big House, in Little East Street, Brighton, closed after administrators moved in, telling staff to leave and changing the locks.

Mrs Jones previously ran Momma Cherri’s Soul Shack before moving to the Big House after the success of her appearences on Kitchen Nightmares.

The Argus revealed how the soul-food chef had been forced to sign on after the Big House went under.

The Speakeasy was opened in October with the support of backers, who jointly set up the company Momma Cherri’s Speakeasy.

Backers, who insist all staff have been and will continue to be paid, will keep the restaurant open under the new name Brighton’s Speakeasy.

James MacPherson, one of the company directors, said: “All employees were paid in full until the last month of the Momma Cherri SpeakEasy being open.

“The backers have already written personally to all employees with a personal undertaking to pay their last month's salary so no staff lose out.”

Mrs Jones said she has now set up an outside catering company called Soul on the Go and has been advising on the opening of a new Cajun restaurant in Dublin.