A woman has claimed to have seen more than one Beast of Bevendean after spotting a big cat from her window.

Debra Munn said she has seen four felines from her Lower Bevendean Avenue home and says she is sure they are different animals.

The 56-year-old has supported claims made by Sussex Big Cat Watch that animals like puma or lynxes are breeding in the area.

Mrs Munn said her latest sighting came on Sunday as she looked across towards the Downs.

She explained: “We were having lunch on Sunday in my loft and I looked out the window and said to my husband there's an animal out there.

“It was moving from one clump of bushes to the next. I was watching it for a minute or so, and it would appear from behind some bushes for a few seconds then disappear again.

“I tried to get a picture of it but by the time I had got the zoom right the animal was gone.”

Derek Bilston, founder of Sussex Big Cat Watch, said: “If you go out on the Downs, it s pretty quiet and there’s plenty of dense undergrowth and woodland.

“Fewer people are using the countryside these days so big cats can wander around undisturbed.

“We don’t know how many are out there. There could be two or three or there could be dozens. They can travel huge distances, covering half the county in a night and so multiple sightings could all be one cat.”