In our report “Brighton TV producer escapes jail for "repulsive" child porn collection” at 5.49pm on Monday December 21 2009, we wrongly identified the defendant accused of downloading “unspeakable” child porn at a trial heard at Southwark Crown Court as Martyn Smith, the Bafta-nominated TV director, producer and writer whose achievements include the BBC programme Dragons' Den, Mary Queen of Shops and The Apprentice.

We wish to make it clear that TV director, producer and writer Mr Martyn Smith, 40, of North London, responsible for Dragon's Den, was entirely unconnected with the case and has never been associated with any allegations of this sort. He continues to work with the BBC. The Argus offers an unreserved apology to Mr Smith for the distress and embarrassment our story caused.

The case at Southwark Crown Court involved another TV producer of the same name who has no professional or personal relationship with the Dragons' Den Martyn Smith.