For many film fans, it is legends of Hollywood such as James Stewart, Clark Gable and Bette Davis who grab your attention whenever they are on screen.

But for one man it is always the supporting actors that steal the scene.

Gordon Dean has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the golden age of Hollywood, even though he has not been to the cinema for more than 40 years.

Mr Dean's interest in showbiz stars was sparked when his father Edward George Dean left the family home in Pelham Street, Brighton, in 1936 to pursue fame and fortune in Hollywood.

Ever since Mr Dean, from Lancing, has kept a notebook of original and mostly unknown anecdotes and amassed an astonishing collection of about 3,000 DVDs and videos of films and more than 40 original Hollywood posters left by his father.

However the last time he went to the cinema was in the 1960s to see a James Bond movie.

Mr Dean is now hoping to write a book about his research.