Heavy snow and sub zero temperatures are being predicted to sweep across Sussex.

Meterologists at The British Weather Service said the county should brace itself for another Arctic blast of severe wintry weather early next week.

Jim Dale, a senior risk meteorologist at the centre, said temperatures would plunge as low as minus 12C in some parts of the country.

He added that the protracted period of icy chaos could last from a week to ten days.

The forecast could spell disaster for Sussex whose transport networks were bought to a standstill, while hundreds of schools closed, during the two snowy periods in December and January. Mr Dale said: “Another week to ten days of ice and snow is on the cards and within that period we will be see temperatures plummet to as low as minus 12C in places, along with the return of disruptive snow in many areas.

“The snow will initially affect eastern counties of England and Scotland but will become more widespread as next week unfolds, with most areas eventually seeing some significant falls.

“The country can again expect disruption to its infrastructure, especially travel, with widespread school closures and possible power outages likely to add to the overall misery.”

A spokeswoman for the Met Office said it was too early to say exactly what the weather had in store for Sussex.

She added: “The early signs for next week for the Sussex area are for temperatures which will drop a little bit, probably to -2C. We will certainly get a frost at night but it will be 3C or 4C during the day.

“On Monday to Wednesday it will be predominantly dry weather and there will be a fair amount of cloud to start with.”

The spokeswoman said that although there was a chance of snow, it was unlikely that any flurries would be as heavy as those experienced in January.