Last year I got a Valentines card from ‘?’. I was annoyed that they didn’t put their hand up and admit to sending it. I was also a bit perturbed that they knew where I lived (down to post code) and actually spelt my name correctly. Bloody stalkers.

This year I got another anonymous card, complete with post code and name spelt correctly, so I got out the one from last year and did some comparing. No similarities at all. Oh good. Another one. (See 'Where was Cupid when I needed him?')

Part of me was very flattered and I am not going to hide that I didn’t feel a bit pleased. ‘Maybe I am not such a whale after all...’

The other part of me was annoyed, because I am nosey and like to know everything, especially who is sending me cards and a small part of me was actually a bit concerned about walking home in the dark on my own.

To cut a long story short, I spent the day with my mum and ‘Al-man’ (step dad). After much wine I started talking about the card again and trying to work out who the card was from (boyfriend assured me that it wasn’t from him). I wandered off to the loo, still deliberating who the card could have been from. Who knew me well enough to know my full address, how to spell my name and more annoying, why couldn’t I figure out who they were?

On returning from the little girls’ room, my mum and Al-man looked at each other and they confessed that they had to tell me something. Knowing that it was unlikely that they were about to announce the arrival of a new brother or sister, and with a smirk working its way across my mother’s face, I had an idea where this was going.

It turns out that the card was from them. And worse still the card that I got last year was also from them, and that they planned to do this every year - forever. B$%^ards.

Now knowing that there isn’t an anonymous card sender out there, I am a tad disappointed, so I take back all that I said about sending cards and not disclosing your identity. If you like someone then do send them a card for Valentines. It is nice to be liked.