Move over Arnie – these guys are the new action film stars.

Made on a budget that would make a shoestring look expensive, a group of friends have re-made the Schwarzenegger classic Predator – condensed to just 60 seconds.

Led by Chris Sheriff, a 28-year-old TV worker from Hove, the friends' version of the 1987 action sci-fi flick took just ten days to make.

He said: “We shot it in a couple of days but then it took about a week to edit the thing.

“Trying to get a 90 minute film into 60 seconds is quite hard. The original cut was four minutes long and to get that down to a minute was difficult.

“We had to get the essence of the film and its story and then also try and get the jokes in.

“We wanted it to be really funny but also we had to tell the story.”

Chris, together with Ewan Warburton, Liam Roberts and Kofi Coleman, made the film for an entry into an online competition with film magazine Empire.

The minute-epic, complete with a multitude of comical pop culture references, has made it to the final 20 of the competition and now needs public votes to win.

Readers can vote for the Predator video, which is numbered 12, here