Relationships can be hard. Sometimes I am not even sure whether men and women were really meant for each other. I mean, look at Adam and Eve.

What always fascinates me is that first time that you meet someone and those brief few moments that it takes you to decide, that in some way you are attracted to them. It appears to me that there is an allotted amount of time that you have in order to get their attention and make a good impression, with the hope that this could lead to something more.

This moving onto 'something more' relies on several things. You both have to be in the same place in your lives, open to the suggestion of 'something' and not completely repulsed by a)their chipped nail varnish b)their inability to hold their alcohol c)their thinning hair or d)the fact that their skirt/ shirt is tucked into their pants. If you can see past all of the imperfections, then I believe that within reason, you could do anything and you'd still be ‘in there’.

For example, if that person really thinks that you are the bee’s knees, then you could fall over and cry or ring them the day after having met them (gasp) and they would be happy to help you up from the ground or hear from you.

Anyway, in my in endeavours to uncover exactly what goes on inside the minds of that elusive breed 'the man', I have enlisted the help of one that I know.

He is, in my eyes, a proper man. He likes his sports and is passionate enough to stay up until 4am to watch his team and yet he understands his emotions and isn't afraid of them. He holds doors open, plays the guitar, travels around on a skateboard and listens to (my) terrible girl stories and still laughs in the right place. Yes. 'They' do exist and I know one of them.

So tell me, my friend, what is the ultimate turn off for you when it comes to meeting girls?

Turns me off about meeting girls? Or turns me off about girls I meet? With the former, it's the unknowing. The breaking of the ice. Just when I think nothing will make me freeze up more than being with a girl I like, I will find out that said girl actually likes me. Cue my descent to the social ice age.

With regards to girls generally, it's a tie between girls acting like the attention seekers in the crowd and girls who flirt inappropriately when there was never any initial sign of interest. Both are equally annoying and not a way to this man's heart.

What have you done in the past to impress a girl whose attention you were trying to get?

The most acceptable was probably to go on a long diatribe to said girl as to why, if she were my sweetheart, there would be no way on Earth that she would be treated the way that other fellas have.

The least acceptable would probably have to be drunkenly messaging a girl on Facebook, at some ungodly hour of the morning, who previously hadn't noticed that I existed. Said girl actually went out on a date me off the back of that, so it wasn't all bad.

If you like someone then do you wait to call them or throw caution to the wind - you crazy cat?

I am very cautious with liking people. I will tell everyone bar the girl in question. I need to know it's a mutual fancy. I will make gestures and see what happens. I should point out; this is usually just for girls that I fancy - not people who have truly wowed me. That's a whole different bucket. With slight fancies, if there's no reciprocity, then there's no good reason to expend any further emotional energy. With someone who I feel might be "the one", well, you have to take a wholly more reckless approach and stick your neck out.

Have you ever dumped someone and not told them the truth as to why this was 'the end'?

Most people see the truth in different lights. With that in mind, I've always told the truth. Really though, even if it's the worst feeling in the world to let someone go, I think it's important to be honest. For your own sake as much as theirs. That might be the Catholic in me coming to the fore, though.

When in a relationship, what is the worst thing that a girlfriend could do?

Personally, not give me room to breathe. That's just me though. I need my space regardless of how inseparable from my other half I may appear.

Generally, I think most girlfriends could understand that the majority of men are unable to read between the lines of the average female mind and as such she should give the boyfriend a break if he doesn't text back immediately, doesn't produce the right answer to the question "do you like this dress?", or wants to watch football instead of America's Next Top Model.

Now, what is the most romantic gesture that you have ever made?

Probably writing a song for the girl I love. Said song was recorded, released on record, played at gigs, and sung along to by crowds across the UK. Build a monument to your love. Something that will last longer than a bunch of roses or a Valentine’s Day card.

So there you go, a proper man, who is a wonderful friend and who restores my faith in men.