An animal lover said his “blood is boiling” after his cat was put down by the RSPCA - without his knowledge.

John Edwards said his beloved Gizmo had been missing for two weeks when he learned he had been mistaken for a stray and picked up by the animal charity.

The white puss, described as a “fluffy furball”, was put down the same day.

Mr Edwards, of Gloucester Street, Brighton, said: “I am absolutely seething. He always used to go out walking and all the neighbours knew this.

“My other cat, who is a Siamese, is grieving as he knows his mate has gone.

“My blood is boiling and I don’t know when I’ll calm down.”

Gizmo was taken two weeks ago by animal inspectors from the RSPCA but Mr Edwards only found out his cat had been picked up on Monday after leaflets were delivered by concerned residents.

A spokeswoman for RSPCA said they were called to the street by members of the public who said they thought the animal had been involved in a fight.

She added: “We are very sorry for the distress caused to Mr Edwards due to the sad death of his cat.

“Unfortunately the animal was in very bad health, with bad teeth and matted fur. He was covered in fight wounds when concerned residents asked us for help.

“Nor was he identified with a collar or a microchip and so we were unable to trace his owner.

“The RSPCA does everything it can to avoid having to put animals to sleep, but sometimes we have little choice.”

She reminded pet owners to microchip their pets to avoiding similar situations.