Parking on Brighton and Hove’s grass verges could be banned amid calls to reintroduce an old by-law.

Councillors claim city motorists are turning verges into a “muddy mess” in a desperate bid to find spaces.

Now Brighton and Hove City Council, who cannot currently fine drivers if there are no yellow lines next to the verge, will consider whether it can resurrect old powers.

Before 1996, the city’s highways were controlled by East Sussex County Council, which has a by-law making it illegal to park on grass verges.

Councillor Anne Meadows, who also wants to introduce tougher sanctions against motorists parking in cycle lanes, will ask for clarification of the existence of the law this week.

Coun Meadows, who represents Moulsecoomb and Bevendean, said: “Parking on grass verges not only causes a muddy mess during winter months but also problems for people wanting to cross roads safely.

“I would like to see any use of the old East Sussex by-lawinclude parking restrictions on cycle lanes.

“Many people, including children and students, use the cycle lanes along Lewes Road.

But they are often unusable because there are too many cars parked in them.

“This is an issue of both common sense and safety for pedestrians and cyclists.”

A city council spokeswoman said it would be looking at the points raised by Coun Meadows and would respond at a full council meeting on Thursday.

She added: “At present, if there are no double yellow lines next to the verge, the council does not have powers to enforce against parking on grass verges.”

The Argus recently reported on parking problems in the Hangleton and Portslade areas.

City councillors Trevor Alford and Dawn Barnett want motorists to stop parking on verges.

Coun Barnett said: “People take great pride in keeping the verges outside their homes looking nice, only for them to be destroyed.”