A leafy suburban street is under attack from the hammerings of a lonely woodpecker.

Residents are being driven to distraction by the drumming of a great spotted woodpecker.

The pesky pecker has been hammering his beak against TV aerials and metal strips on chimneys in an attempt to attract a mate since December.

But so far this boisterous birdy has only managed to ruffle the feathers of the homeowners in Barrack Lane in Aldwick, Bognor.

Paula Campbell had to put up with woody’s wooing on her roof for more than a month and even though he has since taken a shine to another rooftop in the street, she says she can still hear him.

A RSPB spokeswoman said: “Their drumming usually starts in January and goes on to the end of June so unfortunately it looks like they might have to put up with it for a few more months.”