This morning I went for a work interview. I felt empowered going back to my work place because now I am a different person but also because I am comfortable in myself too. I wasn't nervous about it because I understand that what will be will be and all I can do is be honest and open about who I am and what I can do . . . the rest is up to fate.

I have to admit that for 45 minutes of questions and answers it was lovely to feel that I could interact without talking about Isobel and without her being with me. I tried to discuss my knowledge and ideas.

Whether I get this new job or not, it was nice to be Michelle today as well as Isobel's mummy or Gav's wife. I find in general I am defined as a mummy and sometimes I feel this isolates me.

I asked others via Facebook and Babycentre what they thought the definition of a mummy was. My favourite answer was: "Being a mummy means giving all I can to my children but knowing I also have my own hopes, dreams and desires. Many of it includes them but some of it doesn't. I didn't swap my individuality for children, they became part of it." I can't really add anything more to this definition. It sums it up perfectly for me!