Is it possible to have a healthy office lunch? I visited Maria and her colleagues at their games and media company in Hove to find out more.

They told me most of the choices offered in the average sandwich man's tray are consistently wheat-based and somewhat nutritionally challenged.

Maria yearns for scrumptious salads using fresh ingredients rather than plastic-tasting superstore brands.

Generally, she would like to see a lot more care and concern taken over her lunch because it affects how she feels for the rest of the day.

Ben is bored and calls for a more creative menu: "How about a nice Cornish pasty, slices of pizza, samosas or sushi?"

Angie prefers fresh organic or locally-produced goods to processed "stuff" swimming in salad cream and Dom agrees, calling for chicken, chicken and more chicken without the accompanying "white slime".

Alex has sophisticated tastes, requesting mushroom Stroganoff, banoffi pie or pain au chocolat. Hey Alex, are you aware of the sugar content in those desserts and the havoc they wreak on your blood-sugar balance?

Consider the onset of the mid-afternoon slump when your head hits the keyboard and you can barely remember who you are and what you are supposed to be doing.

Javier favours Mediterranean rice with bits in it and Lindsay insists on fresh smoothies and lots of veggie choice.

In fact, there seems to be a high proportion of vegetarians among the staff.

Fabio isn't too keen on "those green things" but does like fresh fruit salad. He requests pasta and Italian sauce or bread with parma ham and wonders whether it would be expecting too much to ask for Italian newspapers and espresso after lunch? Right you are, Fabio, along with taking the dog for a walk and ironing your shirts, I suppose?

Alberto sums it up beautifully: "The ingredients are unimportant as long as they are fresh and there is plenty of variety from day to day.

"Good, fresh fruit is a must but all we ever see is an apple and a banana.

"One of my favourite salads is simply chopped vine tomatoes, olive oil and salt and pepper.

"Often, leaving things out is the solution. I'm tired of looking at iceberg lettuce, onion and tuna from a tin covered with heavy mayonnaise from an industrial catering bottle.

"Simple, home-made soups in winter and, in summer-time rice, couscous or pasta with a choice of vegetarian sauces would be ideal.

"We have now sacked two sandwich companies because of their lack of quality and variety.

"Food-delivery companies should be constantly monitoring customer satisfaction and being innovative with their menus. I think any company that did that would be extremely successful."

So, there you have it, office caterers, if you genuinely care about the health and tastebuds of your customers, please get in touch so I can pass on your details to Maria and her colleagues.

Last week's article about Black Cumin Seed carried the wrong telephone number for Mercy Trading Company. The correct number is 0208 366 2585.