In the many articles I have written over the past two-and-half-years, I have neglected to point out the benefits of running.

For this reason, I hope to inspire you to put on your running shoes and take up a pursuit which, for many people, has become a way of life.

If you were watching the London marathon last weekend, this may have inspired you to jog or run as a way of keeping fit or losing weight - or completely demotivated you.

A marathon does not have to be your target and exhausting yourself to levels a long run like will cause does not have to be considered either.

For many of you, jogging can be seen as a chance to appreciate the outside and give you time for reflection on yourself, life or business.

These benefits are on top of the physical elements of conditioning that jogging will improve.

Running is a whole-body exercise that is weight bearing in nature. It is great for strengthening the legs and tackling conditions such as osteoporosis.

The respiratory and cardiovascular systems are targeted and will develop alongside the intensity of the training.

Many physiological changes will occur that will not be seen by the human eye but will go a long way to maintaining a healthier body.

I have included some tips dealing common problems experienced by individuals when they start running:

Always aim to start with a walk. Start jogging in intervals with walking - this will ease your body into running.

Always jog rather than run to start with. The pace should be set so you can finish the whole session.

Always choose a route near your house so you can return home if the distance is becoming difficult.

It is very common for people to start very fast and this makes it harder for the body to reach a steady state that can be maintained throughout the jog. This puts many people off running so take it gently.

Try and enjoy it even though it may be quite hard to start with.

Paul's Tip: Follow my hints for jogging and give it a go.

If you have any medical problems, see your GP first.

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